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With the advent of the inflatable hot tub, having a spa in your backyard has become much more affordable. While the cost of a standard hot tub can run into the thousands or tens of thousands of dollars, you can purchase an inflatable hot tub for just a few hundred dollars. You’ll get the same great feeling of wellness at a fraction of the usual price. On the other hand, an inflatable spa offers the advantage of being very quick to assemble and disassemble, and is very easy to store.


Selection ❂ Will you find the inflatable hot tub of your dreams?

Select the number of seats or the shape of hot tub you want, and find the model that will spice up your evenings and weekends! Four-person hot tubs can accommodate 2 to 4 people, while six-person models can accommodate 4 to 6 people.

Guide: everything you need to know about inflatable hot tubs!

Whether for evening relaxation after a hard day or for a vacation at home: with an inflatable hot tub you can transform your terrace or garden into your own spa.

Pure relaxation with the inflatable hot tub…

Wellness and massage are a welcome change from everyday stress. With an inflatable hot tub you get a relaxing time out in your own garden or on your terrace and can enjoy the fresh air in addition to the jacuzzi. Due to the warm water, you are comparatively independent of the seasons and the respective outside temperature.

Spa, Hot Tub or Jacuzzi: overview of common names for outdoor hot tubs…

  • Spa : A spa is generally a pool of water that is equipped with massage jets. These are located in the walls and often additionally at the bottom of the pool. When the massage function is activated, either air or water flows through the jets, creating the typical bubble bath appearance. Outdoor hot tubs often have particularly strong insulation, which allows them to operate all year round without giving off too much heat to the environment. They are also made of sturdy material to withstand even adverse weather conditions.
  • Jacuzzi: The term Jacuzzi is often used as a synonym for hot tub; in fact, it is the name of a U.S. company that invented the Jacuzzi and still manufactures it today – for outdoor use, among other applications.
  • Hot Tub: The term « hot tub » or « hottub » is also sometimes used in connection with jacuzzis. However, this refers to standard hot tubs (originally made of wood, but now also made of plastic), which do not have massage jets as standard. They are also not heated by electricity, instead the water temperature is increased by means of a wood stove.

Types and material of inflatable spas

A common distinguishing feature of inflatable hot tubs, in addition to the shape (round, square or rectangular), is the size: depending on the dimensions of the model, a distinction is often made between spa (with space for one to two people, usually for indoor use) and hot tubs (for more than three people, for indoor and outdoor use).

What material the outdoor hot tub is made of depends largely on its construction. For permanently installed models, a construction made of acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene plastic (ABS plastic) or natural fiber-reinforced plastic (wood plastic composites, WPC) with surfaces made of acrylic is often used. In contrast, inflatable hot tubs are usually made of the flexible but tear-resistant polyvinyl chloride (PVC).

Portable inflatable hot tubs

With a portable hot tub to inflate, you remain flexible: so you can make any place your spa and place the water pool, for example, always where just your personal ideal conditions. If the pool is not used for several days, you can drain the water and air to store it in a space-saving way.

Such hot tubs are usually filled with the help of a garden hose, and for the operation of the massage jets and heating only a power connection is required. If you have enough space, most of these models can also be placed indoors. Another advantage of portable hot tubs is their lower cost compared to fixed outdoor spas.

Mid-priced inflatable hot tubs sometimes offer only water bubbles through which air flows. Therefore, if you want to massage specific parts of the body, it is recommended to go for a model with air and water jets, as the massage performance of water pressure is more powerful and accurate. Here you can learn more about the features of outdoor spas.

Permanently installed outdoor hot tubs

If you have enough space in your backyard or on the patio to permanently install a hot tub, you should look at models with a fixed construction. These offer more adjustment options and a more intense massage than outdoor inflatable hot tubs. Moreover, they are a real eye-catcher that will add a luxurious flair to your home.

Due to their heavy weight, such outdoor hot tubs can usually be moved only with great difficulty after they have been set up.

There are a few aspects to consider before purchasing, as well as during setup and operation:

  • Check whether the hot tub wall has a layer of insulation in the walls and in the bottom plate: If you want to set up the pool permanently and use it even on cool days, heating up and keeping the water warm will otherwise consume a lot of energy. An insulating, removable cover also helps save electricity and protects against debris.
  • Outdoor hot tubs with a solid construction need a flat, preferably paved, surface. The larger and heavier the jacuzzi, the more important is the appropriate preparation of the installation area.
  • In most cases, a power connection or an extra laid and individually fused connection cable is required for operation. You can find all the details in the product description and the manufacturer’s instruction manual.
  • Not every inflatable hot tube is winterized: in some cases, when temperatures are around freezing, it is necessary to drain the pool completely.

Important spa equipment features:

Regardless of the type of inflatable hot tub, some elements are found on every model. These include the heating system, bubble jets and pumps, and an integrated filtration and cleaning system.

  • Massage jets: The number of jets in spas varies widely – but fixed designs usually have more massage jets than inflatable versions. Even more important, however, is the position of the jets and the intensity of the massage. For example, water pressure massages the body with pinpoint accuracy and force (= hydromassage), while jets with air pressure (air jets) provide a gentle massage over a large area. Many outdoor hot tubs therefore have a combination of air and water jets (hydro jets).
  • Pumps: Massage pumps are used to operate the jets of the inflatable hot tub. Thus, they are another factor in the strength of a massage – their number and performance affects how high the water and air pressure of the jets can be. The larger the outdoor jacuzzi, the more pumps are needed.
  • Filter and cleaning system: to ensure that you always have hygienic bathing water, inflatable Hot tubs usually have an integrated filter and cleaning system. Thus, the maintenance effort turns out to be low – usually you only need to clean the filter or replace it after some time. High-priced models can also include a disinfection system that renders bacteria and other water components harmless, for example, by means of an ozonator or UV lamps.
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